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We're on a mission to change the face of international relations.

Women in International Relations Network (WIRN) seeks to amplify the voices of women and marginalised communities in international relations, foreign policy and diplomacy, peace-building, international security, conflict resolution, international development, and related areas. Our geographical focus is on India, South Asia, and the Global South.

Representation | Inclusion | Recognition

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About Us

Women in International Relations Network (WIRN) began as a Twitter initiative when we couldn’t help but notice a dearth of women and gendered perspectives in international politics.

We are a feminist collective. Core feminist ideals of intersectionality are very central to WIRN. WIRN was formed to counter gender disparity in IR and policy spaces, and this forms the basis of our principles of Representation, Inclusion, and Recognition.

‘Women’ are not a homogenous group, and we endeavour to make this group an inclusive and intersectional space. We acknowledge that queer women, women from ethnic and religious minorities, and women from marginalised castes face discrimination in the form of social, structural, and institutional barriers in IR. 

WIRN is on Whatsapp

Join our growing Whatsapp group. We have 120+ members (and counting), from more than 25 different countries. We use this space to network, share resources, opportunities and jobs, promote our work, talk about what we're reading, and as a sounding board for ideas. 

Sign up using the link to the left. To know more, read our group guidelines here.

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About Aditi

In 2019, Aditi Mukund created the Women in International Relations Network (WIRN) to address the underrepresentation of women and marginalized communities in international relations and foreign policy. Originating as a Twitter page, WIRN has grown into a feminist collective focusing on diversity, inclusion, and recognition in diplomacy, peace-building, security, conflict resolution, and international development.

Emphasizing India's role as a foreign policy hub, WIRN is dedicated to promoting the work of women scholars and creating an intersectional space that acknowledges challenges faced by queer women, ethnic and religious minorities, and women from marginalized castes. WIRN stands as a testament to the commitment to rectify gender imbalances and amplify diverse voices in global affairs.

Contact Us

Get in touch with Women In International Relations Network on Twitter, Instagram, or via email to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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